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  • Button module for Recording

    Description:Product model:HXS-00201. Customize size and recording time.Wellcome OEM.2. Eco

  • Sound box for plush toy

    Description:Product model:HXS-00301. Existing mold.OME appearance and sound design.2. Eco-

  • Music pad for kids book

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00481.Custom appearance,size ,color,sound design.2.High qua

  • Music Greeting Card

    Description:Product Model:HXS-00311. OEM size/appearance and sound design.2. Eco-friendly

  • Greeting card for birthday and wedding

    Description:Product model:HXS-00141. OEM size and appearance.Customized music design.2. Ec

  • 30-Buttons sound module for books

    Description:Product model:HXS-00031. OEM appearance and sound design.2. Eco-friendly case

  • Mini Squeeze Music Box

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00531.Customized appearance and sound design.OEM is wellcom

  • sound box for music books

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00501.OEM design,size,color,sound ,appearance and so on&nbs

  • Electronic light module for flash light

    Description:Product Model:HXS-0036Existing Mold,OEM appearance designECO-Friendly ABS with

  • Piano music pad

    Descraption:Product model:HXS-00021. OEM appearance and sound design for all button.2. Eco

  • Music notes sound module for books with 5-Buttons

    Description:Product Model:HXS-00011.Customized appearance and sound design.OEM is wellcome

  • motion sound module for plush dolls with voice sensor

    Descriptions:Product Model:HXS-00561.size ,appearance,color ,sound can be designed by cust

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